aerospace engineer with a&p license

Andrew powell

Andrew powell



To assist with the engineering activities at a dynamic and expanding company by contributing and refining the engineering skills acquired from my education and work experiences.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from ABET accredited school.
  • FAA Mechanic Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings completed.
  • Experience managing the development of DER Repair specifications and FAA PMA projects.
  • Knowledge of DO-160 testing procedures and ability to develop technical data for STC projects.
  • Four years’ experience using Solidworks to design and reverse engineer aircraft parts.
  • Working knowledge of ANSI Y14.5-2009 GD&T standards
  • Understanding of principles used in stress analysis and conducting FEA in Solidworks.
  • Knowledge, understanding and ability to apply information from aircraft SRMs, AMMs, IPCs, SBs.
  • Ability to develop and review technical data and drawings for airframe structures and systems to provide written instructions for aircraft repairs and modifications.
  • Experience Planning, reviewing, organizing, and prioritizing engineering tasks for aircraft component repairs to ensure on time completion of tasks and aircraft return to revenue service.


Airframe & Powerplant License                                        May 2010 – May 2012
George T. Baker Aviation, Miami, FL                               GPA: 4.0/4.0

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering               Sep 1999 – May 2003
Ryerson University, Toronto, ON                                      GPA: 3.5/4.0



09/12 – Present       Design/Repair Engineer                    Aviation Technical Services               Everett, WA

  • Created substantiation data packages in support of DER Repair Specifications, PMA and STC projects to provide airline operators relief on high cost and/or long lead time components.
  • Communicated directly with FAA ACO, DERs and airlines to establish the performance and CFR compliance requirements of aircraft component repairs and component replacement parts.
  • Worked with technical writing staff to develop an FAA-PMA Quality manual compliant to 14 CFR 21.137 per 14 CFR 21.307.
  • Researched Boeing IPC, SRM, AMM and other OEM documentation to find solutions for aircraft modifications and communicated these solutions through engineering analysis feasibility reports and configuration management spreadsheets to substantiate the proposed modification.
  • Managed the development and approval of aircraft repair engineering documents by providing assistance to less-experienced engineers, and interaction with different members of internal and external organizations.
  • Ensured all applicable customer, OEM, regulatory, and maintenance requirements were met while preparing aircraft modification and repair engineering documents for FAA approval.
  • Planned, reviewed, organized, and prioritized engineering tasks of an aircraft component repair team to ensure on time completion of tasks in order to maintain aircraft, component, and engineering program schedules.
  • Participated in the development of work statements and hours estimates in support of Engineering Design proposals and ensured engineering projects were accomplished within a reasonable time frame as defined by the Engineering Manager.
  • Utilized Solidworks to develop 3D CAD models for interior re-configuration of 757 and 767 aircraft and also conducted linear static FEA in Solidworks for a cargo door actuation assembly design to be installed on Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • Developed MDL and drawing packages in AutoCad and Solidworks, including development of a component maintenance manual, in support of an STC application for an assembly installed on Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • Provided training to new engineers and interns to create parts and assemblies in Solidworks. Also, checked cad models and detail drawings of new engineers before releasing this data to the machine shop for final fabrication.
  • Collaborated with machinists to refine CAD models for translation to CNC code and also supported aircraft mechanics to ensure finished parts are installed correctly to the aircraft.
  • Researched, selected and negotiated with suppliers of standard and unique parts and services for use in aircraft modifications and new product developments.
  • Conducted patent research in support of reverse engineering efforts and worked with a patent lawyer to create documentation for a patent application.

01/06 – 09/12      Product Development Engineer                Multi Parts Supply                            Jupiter, FL

  • Performed qualification tests and inspections per SAE guidelines to approve automotive products.
  • Developed reverse engineering data using CMM and precision measuring instruments.
  • Created CAD models and drawings for the design/modification of automotive components.
  • Wrote ECNs to manufacturers to request modifications and updates to products.
  • Procured precision measurement tools and material testing equipment for a product inspection lab.
  • Wrote product service bulletins for customers advising them of revisions and updates to products.
  • Created and maintained control plans for testing automotive fuel pumps and hydraulic cylinders.
  • Organized and maintained drawings, inspections and test reports using Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Visited customers locally and travelled internationally to work with suppliers in resolving product quality issues.
  • Performed cost benefit analysis to source test equipment for a product inspection lab.
  • Conducted Gauge R&R on lab equipment and performed measurement system accuracy investigations.

09/03 – 09/05      CAD Operator                                       Tigris Motorsports Ltd.                        Pickering, ON

  • Analyzed conjugate heat transfer in a two-stroke engine cylinder head using Ansys Workbench 8
  • Developed 2D working drawings and 3D solid models using Autocad 2005 and Solidworks 2003
  • Created sheet sets and sheet list tables for assembly drawings in Autocad 2005
  • Prepared drawing annotations and bill of materials for product structures using CatiaV5R10
  • Wrote visual basic program for the design and setup of racecar braking system and to calculate suspension geometry parameters of double wishbone suspensions


  • 2012    AMT School Outstanding Student in Airframe & Powerplant Program
  • 2003    Ryerson University Aerospace Engineering Deans