aerospace engineer with a&p license

Andrew powell

Andrew powell



To assist with the engineering activities at a dynamic and expanding company by contributing and refining the engineering skills acquired from my education and work experiences.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from ABET accredited school.
  • FAA Mechanic Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings completed.
  • Experience developing FAA approved repair specifications, STCs and PMA parts.
  • Hands on ability to reverse engineer aircraft parts and develop substantiation packages for FAA approval.
  • Proficiency with Autocad and Solidworks to create CAD models, installation drawings and FEA.
  • Experience researching and selecting DER services and outside service suppliers to support projects.
  • Project management skills including developing SOWs, RFQs, Project Gantt charts, Task Action tracking and co-ordination of internal and external resources to complete projects.


Airframe & Powerplant License          George T. Baker Aviation                    Miami, FL                              May 2010 - May 2012
B.Sc. Aerospace Engineering            Ryerson University                              Toronto, ON                          Sep 1999 - May 2003



05/16 – Present                                 Design/Project Engineer                    Heico-Seal Dynamics Inc.                        Tampa, FL

Project Engineering

  • Prepared project kick-off documentation for company internal discussions on the feasibility of PMA projects.
  • Wrote project notification letters for FAA review of the proposed projects’ scope and milestones.
  • Established and maintained Gantt charts for PMA part development ensuring tasks are completed on schedule.
  • Conducted supplier meetings and produced meeting summaries with detailed task actions and due dates.
  • Visited suppliers to discuss PMA part development issues and produce corrective actions to resolve the issues.

Design Engineering

  • Characterized OEM parts by measurements using optical comparator, CMM, laser scanning and manual tools.
  • Created Solidworks CAD models and detail drawings including GD&T and tolerance stack up analysis.
  • Researched the performance requirements for PMA parts and arranged for outside testing services.
  • Conducted PMA part design reviews in support of releasing drawings, CAD models and process specifications.
  • Worked with design engineers, material analysts and quality control inspectors to complete PMA part FAI.

09/12 – 04/16                                       Component Lead Engineer               Aviation Technical Services                    Everett, WA

STC- Supplemental Type Certificates

  • Designed a B737 cargo door latch (CDL) to resolve a common failure mode of the existing OEM design.
  • Prepared a provisional patent pending document and subsequently received patent for the CDL design.
  • Developed an endurance cycle testing apparatus for preliminary testing of proposed CDL configurations.
  • Arranged DER services and DO-160 testing for the CDL design and managed the documentation efforts.

RS - Repair Specifications

  • Improved component TAT and provided cost relief to airline customers by developing DER repair specifications.
  • Managed development of a 767 Nose gear trunnion repair specification from initial discussions with repair technicians through arranging for DER support and providing PMI with the DER approved repair.
  • Communicated with FAA ACO, DERs and airlines to establish the performance and CFR compliance requirements of aircraft component repairs and component replacement parts.
  • Created substantiation package for a B737 alternate flap drive actuator repair specification including FEA and hand calculations to show structural capability.

PMA – Parts Manufacturer Approval

  • Coordinated company efforts to successfully regain PMA authority from the FAA.
  • Conducted meetings with company department leads to assign their contribution to the PMA requirements.
  • Prepared the substantiation package for the company’s first PMA part.
  • Worked with technical writers and document control center to establish the PMA quality manual.

Aircraft Modification

  • Created installation drawings for a B757 interior lighting configuration change from fluorescent to LED.
  • Prepared BOM and assisted with the service bulletin development for the above configuration change.
  • Developed PSU LOPA for a B767 seating capacity configuration change including monument removals.
  • Researched Boeing drawings to establish a B767 lavatory replacement proposal.

Aircraft & Component Repair

  • Produced repair instructions for transport aircraft using existing MRO repair history and SRM repair guidance.
  • Developed repairs ranging from blend and treat of skins to trim out of skin with fillers, doublers and splices.
  • Communicated with Boeing for repair of structural damage beyond SRM limits and/or existing repair history.
  • Responded to repair deviations by discussing the issues with technicians to develop an acceptable solution.
  • Planned and prioritized tasks of an aircraft component repair team to ensure on time completion of tasks in order to maintain aircraft, component, and engineering program schedules.
  • Provided training to new engineers and interns to create parts in Solidworks. Also, checked cad models and detail drawings of new engineers before releasing this data to the machine shop for final fabrication.

01/06 – 08/12                                       Product Engineer                                Multi Parts Supply                                      Jupiter, FL

  • Managed the operations and equipment procurement for a USA and foreign based inspection lab.
  • Performed qualification tests and inspections per SAE guidelines to approve automotive products.
  • Created CAD models and drawings for the design/modification of automotive components.
  • Wrote ECNs to manufacturers to request modifications and updates to products.
  • Procured precision measurement tools and material testing equipment for a product inspection lab.
  • Created and maintained control plans for testing automotive fuel pumps and hydraulic cylinders.
  • Visited customers locally and travelled internationally to work with suppliers in resolving product quality issues.


  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • GD&T training seminar
  • SAE Reverse Engineering Seminar
  • MARPA PMA conference